Jan Keteleer

A Woman Diving

The subject matter of Jan Keteleer's paintings is often women in or around water. The artist began painting in 2003 and began focusing on painting people interacting with water. Most of his paintings depict women diving or swimming underwater. His work has been compared to the Barbizon School and the Hudson River School. His subjects appear vulnerable and are often wrapped in bed sheets. His work is also highly atmospheric and derived from his underwater photography. Jan Keteleer is a self-taught artist who focuses on photorealistic, emotional themes. He paints in oil, which is the most common medium for him. His style has been described as a "Contemporary Renaissance." He began painting in water after he and his wife visited the Costa Brava, Spain. In 2003, the artist decided to begin focusing on underwater paintings and started to study landscapes. He has also become fascinated with the beauty of water, and many of his paintings depict women diving or swimming. In addition, his work is included in numerous corporate and private collections.

Artist Jan Keteleer began painting water in 2003. Since then, he has become widely known for his paintings featuring women's diving into and swimming underwater. His work has been likened to the Hudson River School and Barbizon School of paintings and is in numerous private collections. His paintings of nature are often inspired by the ocean and the female figure is often an elusive subject.

While the oil paintings of his early work are full of detail and a clear sense of realism, Jan Keteleer has been shifting his focus to lone subjects, such as swimming pools and lone individuals. His style is characterized as contemporary renaissance, with an impressionistic quality. His paintings often have a cluttered, working feel, which helps to highlight the human emotion. Woman diving by Jan Keteleer has a soft, delicate look and a sensuous quality that would make any viewer want to dive in.

While Jan Keteleer's earlier works are more figurative, recent works show a more abstract and impressionistic side. His work often contains a lot of working mess, which lends them a sense of spontaneity. His paintings don't depict animals, but instead feature women swimming in water, and they are accompanied by scenes of tropical paradises. It is a fascinating look into a man's mentality and his relationship with the environment.