Plymouth Belvedere Sport Sedan From 1957

The 1957 Plymouth Belvedere Sport Sedan was a sporty family car with style; the end of the 1950s was the beginning of golden times and people were looking for prestige through the choice of their cars. The 1957 Plymouth Belvedere Sport Sedan has an unprecedented design and space to cruise through the American landscape. This painting of a Plymouth Belvedere Sport Sedan from 1957 can be printed very large on different materials. – BUY THIS PRINT AT FINE ART AMERICA ENGLISH WADM / OH MY PRINTS DUTCH / FRENCH / GERMAN -

The third generation of the Plymouth Belvedere was introduced for the 1957 model year. This was the second generation to feature a sedan, while the fifth and sixth generation featured a coupe. The 1957 Belvedere was available in four different body styles, including a convertible. The top-of-the-line model was the two-door hardtop coupe. Its distinctive tailfins were chromed in the rear fenders, and Chrysler Corporation added the PowerFlite two-speed transmission. Production of the car dropped to just 32,492 during the year, and sales dipped to thirty-two thousand units.

The Belvedere returned as the top trim level for the 1958 model year. The styling was a big step up from the sleek models of the previous year. The body was more rounded and the hood line was lower, while the rear fenders were flush. In 1953, a new Hy-Drive transmission was offered with all Plymouths. The Belvedere's engine was a 260-horsepower unit with dual four-barrel carburetors.

After the first model year, all Plymouths received a complete makeover. The Belvedere was brought back as the top model, replacing the Cranbrook. This car had a 114-inch wheelbase and a ball-and-trunion drive shaft. It sold thirty-five thousand units in 1953 and had a total of nine trim levels. It is also one of the first cars to use Hy-Drive transmission.