The Volkswagen T1 From 1950 to 1999

The first generation of VWs was the T1, which was a predecessor to the iconic Samba. This vehicle had no side windows and no upholstery in the cargo area. However, the T1 had more modern features, such as a dashboard with a more extensive instrument panel. The Samba became a popular model after its introduction, and its popularity soared as its price increased. It also had a redesigned interior, including a new seat with back-seat swivel seats and a steering wheel that pivots to open and close.

The Volkswagen T1 was produced for more than 30 years. The original T1s were called Barndoors, and had a huge engine cover at the rear. Later models had smaller engine bays and larger roadwheels. These later T1 models were renamed T1bs and later models were renamed T1cs. The latest model was the T1, which was renamed to the T1b in 1999.

The T1 came in two models: the T1b and the T1. The early version was called the Barndoor, and had a massive engine cover at the rear. Later versions had smaller engine bays and 15-inch roadwheels. These were called T1bs, and were only referred to as such until the 1990s. The T1b was the most common type of T1 and the later models were referred to as T1cs.