Black And White Photos Of Wildlife & Landscapes

View a selection of my best fine art black and white animal and landscape photos. There is a timeless quality about black and white photography. As such, they are dramatic, powerful, and consequently ideal for transforming any living environment when hung as large wall art prints. Experience the beauty of elusive wild animals and amazing scenes as high-quality wall art prints captured by me, award-winning photographer Anette Mossbacher. Transform your home or office with my hand-picked selection of nature photography in black and white.
Black And White Animal Photography & Nature, Landscape Photography
Capturing black and white photos requires much patience and skill. My range spans from beautiful fine art black and white landscape photos and wild animal pictures from around the world. Choose between a pair of zebras with dramatic stripes or a black and white scene of a polar bear walking along a rocky beach. Alternatively, explore the majestic lion pictured in the African Savannah. Take a look also at my animal close-ups, all available as black and white framed pictures.
Artistic Mono Nature & Landscape Photographs
In a world of color, the monochrome photograph still holds a place in modern photography. Despite advances in digital cameras, stripping out the color is still a common practice. However, the art isn’t always in simply converting a color image to black and white. A good monochrome image must be visualized beforehand.

All my black and white photos are taken with this in mind. When shooting landscapes, nature, or wildlife I try to look beyond the color and see the contrast, which is the critical element for a good monochrome picture.

The Perfect Black and White Wall Art Print
My photo of the 5 dead trees in Sossusvlei, Namibia, is a prime example of this. Shot in the morning as the first rays of early sunlight streamed in from the side, touched the trees and white clay pan, while the foreground remained in the shade and the background was more subtly lit. This creates a beautiful contrast between the dune and trees, while the dark foreground focuses your eye on the trees. All in all, this has translated into the perfect black and white landscape photograph. Imagine this in a lovely black and white framed on your living room wall.

High Key Black and White Photos
It’s not always about contrast, though. A bright high-key scene also translates nicely into mono. In this photo of a majestic African male lion, he looks straight at you, proudly standing in the African Savannah. The bright, hazy background has muted any distractions, yet still leaves a subtle hint of the lion’s sweeping environment. Your eye is drawn immediately to this king of the Savannah standing proudly in his kingdom. Imagine this as a huge canvas print on your office; a symbol of strength, power, and pride.

A Great Range of High-Quality Black & White Photography Prints
Discover the beautiful range of my fine art black and white animal photographs, and nature scenes. You can purchase an image license and wall art photography prints. Large black and white animal prints and landscapes are available. If you need help or more information, or a custom size, please get in touch.