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Flood From Faye in the Panhandle

When tropical storm Faye came through the Panhandle, between 15 and 20 inches of rain was dropped on the Panhandle. The swamps, lakes and rivers filled and overflowed. The road in the picture runs through the floodplain of Lake Lafayette. They are called floodplains for a reason. TrudieBell http://www.belloftheborders.photoshelter.com/ Buy this image http://www.belloftheborders.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/Faye-Aftermath-Tallahassee-Florida/G0000KKHL6OKonRg/I0000d2o0XtbMbqU Contact tdbell9520@comcast.net

White Topped Pitcher Plant

Pitcher plants specialize in growing in soils that are nutrient poor. To make a living, they trap insects in the water that collects in the pitchers and absorb the nutrients that are released as the dead insects decompose. The white topped pitcher plants are an elegant death trap. TrudieBell http://www.belloftheborders.photoshelter.com/ License this image http://www.belloftheborders.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/Carnivorous-Plants/G0000cRWXGRSslO4/I0000x5wt90PedZM Contact […]