An english girl

Who is this young English girl? Where is she going? We can only wonder about her past. At the same time, we can only speculate about her future. We assume the car to be hers, but who can say? Perhaps she and the dog are waiting for a ride. If so, who are they waiting […]

American Girl

An American girl near a fast car. It doesn’t get much more exciting than that. This iconic visual utilizes orthochromatic style to create something truly unique. It is easy to look at these things, and imagine what might happen next. To be sure, we want to be in the car with her. We want to […]

French Girl with Car

This orthochromatic piece combines a young girl with a fast car. You can also a dog nearby. There are dozens and dozens of unique details to be absorbed here. It is easy to look at this woman and this car and imagine the next few moments. We can see her getting in the car. We […]


The flame of this Zippo can be interpreted in a couple of different ways. As far as this fine art piece is concerned, you can regard the presence of the flame as something powerful. Perhaps, you could say that the flame is beginning to weaken. It is at the point in which absolutely anything is […]

Light Vision

Renata Ratajczyk I would like to join this very professional group of photographers to help each other in promoting our work and to share ideas. Lets become a strong group for a better future of all of us and greater benefit for our clients. Contact Toronto M6H 2Z2 Canada Website – Blog – Galleries […]

Sigtor Kildal

Born Norwegian, raised in Spain, educated in Sweden, and now based in Uppsala, Sweden (again), thus influencing all that I do with experiences and colors from different cultures, different ideas and the beautiful women from around the world. All my life I’ve been inspired by the images in movies, art and magazines. This passion has […]