Saving the Hearth of the Earth( Arahuaco ethnic group Colombia )

“The heart of the Earth” was dying until its traditional inhabitants started to save it. The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia, the highest coastal mountain rage in the world, has been humanly and environmentally threatened for decades by coca growers, guerrillas, paramilitary groups and government infrastructure projects. With a bold and risky plan the […]

Wayuus, the Impossible Matriarchy

The desert, a permeable border, smuggling, tradition and modernity shape the life of the Wayuus, the largest ethnic group in Colombia. For centuries they have been developing their own laws and costumes in a 15.300 km2 area between Colombia and Venezuela, countries that have become enemies recently. International politics do not affect “the sons of […]

Unique & Different: Light Painting

The most famos barns in the world Light Painted. In this day and age of digital photography, almost everyone is a photographer. At the very least most everyones photographic sophistication is way up. What was once considered photography unique to those who shot for National Geographic Magazine has now become known as a cliche’. To […]

Wenata Babkowski

Fine Art from Vancouver,Canada “My father ignited a spark for photography when he gave me my first camera at the age of ten: a Kodak Instamatic. I was fascinated by the way a camera made me see the world from a totally different perspective. But it wasn’t until High School, when I was introduced to […]