A Girl From New York

Somehow, we can look at this orthochromatic piece by Jan Keteleer, and we can easily imagine the girl in this piece being a longtime New Yorker. In fact, it seems probable that she has lived there all her life. Why do we suspect such things? There is something to said for the way she stands […]

A French Girl

This stunning orthochromatic piece brings to mind the stirring images of France and youth. This piece combines the Effiel Tower with that of a young girl. The attention to detail here is astonishing, and yet this is one of the most unique depictions of a French icon to be found anywhere. This is a wonderful […]

Paris Climate Agreement

Referring to the famous Paris Climate Agreement, this unique fine art piece reminds us that time is running out. Unless we act soon to turn back the damage we have done to the planet, it is safe to say that climate change is going to cause a number of problems. This piece makes all of […]

Graham Hughes

Graham Hughes Looking forward to joining a group of like minded creative professionals. Contact Edinburgh EH15 1HY United Kingdom Website – Blog – Galleries http://www.grahamhughes.com http://www.grahamhughes.photoshelter.com/gallery/CGI/G00002GhziQtC5iA Email info@grahamhughes.com Specialities Conceptual Portraits Photo illustration

Gordon Wood

Gordon Wood Every photographer brings a different viewpoint of the world. My approach is to create images that motivate me, rather than to emulate what’s already been done. That’s why I will not hesitate to use software to modify a photograph until I have created something that speaks to me, and hopefully others. Photography is […]

Light Vision

Renata Ratajczyk I would like to join this very professional group of photographers to help each other in promoting our work and to share ideas. Lets become a strong group for a better future of all of us and greater benefit for our clients. Contact Toronto M6H 2Z2 Canada Website – Blog – Galleries http://lightvision.photoshelter.com/index […]