Wayuus, the Impossible Matriarchy

The desert, a permeable border, smuggling, tradition and modernity shape the life of the Wayuus, the largest ethnic group in Colombia. For centuries they have been developing their own laws and costumes in a 15.300 km2 area between Colombia and Venezuela, countries that have become enemies recently. International politics do not affect “the sons of […]

Chris Christidis

“I shoot to be seen. I want my pictures to be seen by as much more people as possible and any chance for promoting my photographic work is welcome” Chris has a passion for portraiture, assignments and reportage documentary images from different countries. He’s a professional photographer since 1996 originally from Athens Greece. Has worked […]

John Running :: Photographer

John Running is a different breed of photographer. John Running has lived in Flagstaff, Arizona for the past forty six years. He has been making photographs for advertising, design and editorial clients for over forty years. He specializes in photographing people either on location or in the studio. His photographs stand out because they have […]