FXEGS Photography

Photographer sited in Madrid (Spain). I’m also philosopher and anthropologist. My primal interest is the human cultures, those customs and habits of the peoples in the world, with their resemblances and differences (and the understanding and disputes of them). But as well the Human Culture, the common features. I work with several important imagery banks […]


Aleksandr Stikhin Photography has been my passion for decades. It gives us reflection of the past. As soon as the shutter closes, capturing the moment, it becomes your voice, your unique point of view of reality. Of course, every person’s view is different. Some simply collect events and objects, without even bothering with lighting; others […]

Jonathan Gewirtz

Jonathan Gewirtz Based in Florida, Jonathan Gewirtz specializes in fine-art and stock photography emphasizing natural landscapes and urban scenes in Miami, the Everglades and elsewhere. Contact Miami 33245 United States Website – Blog – Galleries http://jonathangewirtz.com http://www.jonathangewirtz.com/gallery/Favorites/G0000onPPdsi7XNI/C00009p1nn8nCTbk Email jonathan@gewirtz.net Specialities Landscape Nature Urban

Frankie Malone

Frankie Malone I have become a member to promote myself because I believe in my work and I believe in photography and the power of the single image. I think that the more creativity and art there is in the world the more understanding and open mindedness there will be. Contact Barcelona 08024 Spain Website […]

Cozmic Photos

Nathan Wright I’m a digital photographer and digital artist. A lot of my work takes me to some very interesting place’s here in Berlin. Abandoned forgotten historic places. My other passion is portrait and photo manipulation. Contact Cozmic Photos, Gneisenaustr 51, Gneisenaustr 51, 10961 , Germany Website – Blog – Galleries http://www.cozmicphotos.biz http://cozmicphotos.photoshelter.com/gallery-list Email cozmicberliner@googlemail.com […]