Guidelines to publish articles, images… and profiles

Please read some guidelines to providing articles:

To submit your articles for review you can use different forms. To make it easy, please follow the guidelines below


  • Only jepgs
  • Maximum 600 pxls horizontally
  • Quality set at NORMAL (in Photoshop this is setting 6)
  • 72 dpi.


  • Square 150 x 150 pxls
  • Avatars not recommended


  • As long or as short you want. (recommended 300 – 500 words)
  • English only
  • If you send your text in another language, a translation in English must be delivered for publishing. Non-native English speakers can let someone proofread their texts.
  • HTML in text allowed
  • If you want links in your text, they must be in HTML
  • example: <a href=”http://www.this is a”>This is a link</a>


  • Due to the guidelines of Google Panda and Penguin, there is a maximum 3 different links. Recommended 2 (Otherwise this will be interpreted as spam)
  • All links must be related to your article
  • No links to racial or porn websites. (When this happens, you immediately lose your membership with no questions asked.)
  • No links to pop-up websites.

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