Plans (Basic and Advanced)


Free of any charges

Publish your profile, articles, images, and galleries on this website and get links to your website.
If you are selected and you have registered as a member you will have received the password to enter the protected pages where you can submit your profile, your articles and/or your pictures. After every submission a unique post will be created and published, free of any charges, on this site and several social pages which are connected with this website. This creates links back to your site and will slightly increase the amount of visitors.

Besides the member registration form there are 2 submission forms.

Price: FREE (only selected photographers)
What you get: Two links / submision from and other social sites to your website.
Limitation: The links are coming from one domain only and related social pages

Results: an increase of your website's credibility.


Price: $ 30 / month

Publish  here and also on a network of websites and blogs related to your business with a subscription to work with professional SEO companies.

The basic plan is fine, however, when you want a huge increase of visitors to your site you can also publish your profile and/or article and/or your pictures on a network of websites, blogs and social pages related to the market of your choice. (the categories you choose on the forms to submit your images and articles)

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How does it work?
All of the websites (approximately 7,000) connected in the network have a minimum of 10.000 visitors / month. Twenty positive articles written by you or the SEO companies are sent to these websites and they can accept or refuse your article. This is conforming with the rules of Google, Bing and Yahoo. These websites are allways looking for good content related to their visitors that they can publish. Do not expect that all websites will accept your article. There are 12 main categories and more than 50 subcategories. It is realistic to expect that your article will be published on 3 to 5 websites that are highly related to your business. However multiply this with 20 articles per month. This gives you between 60 to 100 highly related one-way backlinks per month of different high quality domains with a minimum of 10,000 visitors each.

So the chance for you to get noticed by someone in your market is very realistic, plus over a period of time this will create an unlimited amount of high related one way back links to your website and galleries. After a while the result will be that someone in your market who is surfing on the internet gets your website on his first page of his search engine. This work is done by professional marketing companies, and because we buy their services as a group, you pay only a fraction of the price. A subscription to this service costs only $30/month.

More details about this plan: Some questions and answers.

Price: $30/month
Note that you can cancel whenever you want.

Note: Because we buy it as a group, the SEO companies sees us as one client. You do not have to write any article yourself, go and make some pictures. You are a photographer. The articles the SEO people write are based upon your profile and images. However if you want to have full control about the content you have to write 20 articles yourself. 20 positive articles each month will always be published. For example, if you write 2 articles, the marketing writes additional 18. If you write 0 articles, they write 20, if you write 15, they will write 5 and so on.
Pro: Unlimited backlinks and a lot of visitors to your site.
Proof that it can be done:read this article "From 18 to 2000 unique visitors per week?" and the testimony of Trudie D. Bell "My Goodness"

SEO techniques included with the Advanced plan (Subscription).

These techniques are included with the subscription to publish your profile, articles, images... on a network related to your market websites and blogs. This list will expand as this site and the selection of professional photographers grows.

Results: enormous increase of visitors to your website.

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Please remember that there are a lot of so-called SEO companies which are offering these services at a fraction of the normal price. When it is too beautiful to be true, usually it is not true

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 Before you can subscribe you have to read "Some questions and answers."

The SEO companies make them findable.

Before you can subscribe you have to read "Some questions and answers."