Some Questions and Answers

What is the goal of this website?
The goal of this site is to make your work findable and to buy SEO services in a group, meaning that you pay only a fraction of the normal price.

What do you do?
My part of the work is only coordinating everything and searching for a good quality SEO for you. Your part is to make exceptional pictures and put them somewhere that somebody can see them and can buy them.

What is your fee?
I do not ask for any commission on your sales. The whole site is totally free of all charges. However, when you take advantage of the deals I made with marketing companies, you pay a part of the total price because we buy it as a group, and I take 20% of the fee you pay for the work I do on your behalf. A subscription, which is optional, to make use of the tools provided by the marketing companies costs $30, I take $6 as a fee and $24 goes to the marketing companies.

Do I keep the rights on my pictures?
You retain all rights for your pictures. My only right is that I have the permission to present the picture with a link to your site.

How many links can I get?
You can get an unlimited number of links from the SEO service! Your links are embedded inside blog posts which you write (or have written for you). You will continue to get new backlinks to your sites for as long as you keep writing new blog posts. (You submit with the forms available on this site, your profile, every month some pictures or an article and every time a unique blog post will be created. These blog posts will be published on this site and  send to the marketing companies).

If I just pay my subscription but never write any blog posts, will I get any links?
No. You must submit blog posts to get links. (submit pictures, articles)

How many links can I place in each blog post?
You can place up to 2 links in each blog post. So your posts do not look like spam.

What kinds of websites can I link to?
You can use this to link to just about any site within reasonable content guidelines. You cannot link to any of the following types of websites:

  • No porn/adult (artistic nudes are OK)
  • No hate sites
  • No pure gambling sites
  • No drug sites
  • No sites promoting illegal activity
  • No sites that promote divisive, inflamatory and/or controversial religious and/or political views

Do you accept blogs in languages other than English?
No, all blogs accepted into the network must be in English.

Can I link to sites in other languages?
Yes, any site you link to can be in every language.

How can I see what links I am getting?
To preserve the security of the blog network, I do not display the actual links you get. However, eventually you will be able to see the links you get in Yahoo Site Explorer or any backlink checker, but it will take somewhere between 1-3 months before Yahoo Site Explorer actually shows your links. For whatever reason, Yahoo takes that long to get around to crawling your site and updating their own databases to show that these links exist.

Are my links permanent? What happens to my links if I cancel or leave this  service?
The links you get  are permanent, pure one way links. If you cancel your membership, your links will still be there. If you cancel then you cannot create any more new links through the system but your existing links are indeed permanent.

How long will it take to see results in terms of improved search engine rankings?
It is important to understand that ANY system for building backlinks and/or SEO will take several months to deliver improved search engine rankings. This service is no exception. Too often, people are taken in by outlandish claims from self-proclaimed "gurus" of getting your site to page one of Google within a few days. Such claims are completely unrealistic. This service will improve your search engine rankings over time if you continue to submit blog posts with backlinks to your website. But you need to be patient and wait for a few months to start seeing significant results. If you insist on getting an immediate traffic increase to your website, then this service is not for you. In fact, NO backlinks building technique is for you if you insist on immediate traffic. To get immediate traffic I suggest you start using PPC services like Google Adwords.

How can I cancel this service?
If you need to cancel this  service, go into paypal and cancel your Paypal subscription.
Instructions for canceling a Paypal subscription can be found easily by searching Google for "how cancel paypal subscription".

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