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Horse stampede in the sea

A glorious, breathtaking stampede of horses in the sea! This is a perfect scene for not only those who like horses, but for those who appreciate the incredible energy and power of animals. A single animal can prove to be powerful enough. Bring together the energy of several examples of the same animal, and you […]

Tell A Story! “Because there is always a different depiction”- This is the tagline of Her “Artist’s statement” reads: “Depiction is- meaning conveyed through pictures. And when these depictions come from a photographer’s lens, they are lensdepictions! The beauty of photography as an art is, every depiction is different from the last one on […]

Maiden #2

Young nude Zulu African girl with a silky smooth skin in low key lighting MarkeMeyer Website Gallery Contact ADVERTISEMENT

Interpreting Images

Foggy scene of the Japanese Boat House on the form Fabyan Estate in Geneva, Illinois.

Messages from Beyond

Photo images of Native American pictographs and petroglyphs found on historic sites in Utah and around the southwestern United States.

Meet Ordi Calder Fine Art Conceptual Photographer

Graphics and light and shadows shadows to form geometric shapes spirals. Conceptual Photography of Ordi Calder, two works selected award FIAP 2011.

Work selected for exihbition ABSTRACTS 2012: the alternative eye, at 1650 Los Angeles gallery

The spellings of light in shadow establish a game that seduces the eye of the beholder. 2 photos in this series received “Selected Award – FIAP” “Xadrez” 5º Zaj

Messages from the Past

A caption and photograph of a rock art panel pictograph found along the San Rafael Swell in Utah.

River of Colors

Ordi Calder Fine Art Photographer Conceptual, Corporate, Landscape. Two works conceptual “Selected Award-FIAP” 2011. Underlies is the name of your poetic photo

River of Colors

Landscapes or waterscapes from Brazil by Ordi Calder, Fine Art Photographer influenced by Surrealism, Esotericism and Psychedelic. Two “FIAP – Selected Award”

The Fallen #7 – Marke Meyer Photografix

‘The Fallen’: a series photographs showing nudes and non-nude female figures in emotive reclining poses.


Buy this picture It is full moon and a special full moon. The moon is closer to the earth than usual, a wonderful photography opportunity. One option is to set up tripod and camera and photograph the “traditional” way. Or using the iPhone and imitate the traditional way of analog photography with the retro photo […]

Pointes and Tutus #4

Dancing, young, beautiful, semi-nude Caucasian Ballerina dressed in pointes and tutu only. MarkeMeyer Website License this image—points-and-tutus.php Contact

Digital Images by Ron Reznick

Sandhill Crane: Landing at Sunset (Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge, New Mexico) Digital Images by Ron Reznick consist of a wide variety of nature and wildlife images (birds, animals, and nature scenics), scenic and travel images (Japan, Italy, the Southwestern US, etc.), architecture and art. He has created a comprehensive display website with numerous galleries […]