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Belted Kingfisher

A Female Belted Kingfisher in flight over water with wings aloft

Coming in for a Landing

Close view of an American White pelican coming in for a landing on the water with feet out in front

Purple Martin

In flight image of a Female Purple Martin catching a bug in midair

Surprise Flight

A Juvenile Black-Crowned Night Heron taking off in flight from edge of marsh with water dripping from feet

Harris’s Hawk

An adult Harris’s Hawk in flight over a field with wings in downstroke.

Fishing on a Cloudy day

A Belted Kingfisher coming out of the water with a fish in it’s beak on a cloudy day


A Male Mallard in flight, with wings aloft against soft blue sky

Brace for Impact!

An adult Crested Caracara, coming in for a landing with wings spread, legs down, tail feathers flared

Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher

A Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher in flight, landing with feet down

The Osprey

An Osprey in flight after diving for fish and missing it’s prey

Juvenile Bald Eagle

Juvenile Bald Eagle in flight with wings aloft

Crested Caracara

A Crested Caracara in flight against a blue sky in two poses of flight, soaring and with wings in downstroke

Cattle Egret

A Cattle Egret in breeding colors, in flight carrying a nesting twig

Juvenile Bald Eagles

Two Juvenile Bald Eagle images in flight

Black Crowned Night Heron

A Black Crowned Night Heron in flight over water at dusk

Snow Goose at Sunset

Sunset image of a Snow goose in flight


A bright pink Roseate Spoonbill in flight, descending against a soft blue sky.


Two images of a Black skimmer, skimming and diving in canal at Merritt Island, Florida. Article describes unusual behavior observed.

Least Tern in Flight on an overcast day

An image of a Least Tern in flight on a very dark overcast day.

Northern Gannet

A Northern Gannet flying low over the North Atlantic Ocean from Machias Seal Island

Juvenile Peregrine Falcon Taking off in flight

A Juvenile Peregrine Falcon taking off in flight from a
dead tree in Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge.


A Female ruby-throated Hummingbird in flight, hovering

Golden Slippers

A Snowy Egret in flight against a blue sky

Lesser Yellowlegs

Lesser Yellowlegs landing in shallow water at Merritt Island, Florida