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The poetic photographic underlies

The poetics of Ordi Calder includes surrealism and psychedelia as lenses in his eyes aesthetically built on the projections of geometric shapes urban

Underlies “What in the world is smaller (microcosm) reflects what is in the larger world or universe (macrocosm)”

Grid Shadows – Any geometric shape embodies metaphysical aspects that pre-exist the structures of the physical environment, and have deep psychological and symb

Meditation at Atlantic Forest

Meditation at Atlantic Forest – Lighting Design in shadow on the texture of a green stone and old leaves old, sunlit, form design that resembles a person to med

House Abandoned – Lens of the Past

This Old House built on Beacon Island and abandoned almost intact, more than 50 years of time melts its architecture and brand your nails in the walls of the ho


Abstract conceptual photographs, the magic of compositions unique Ordi Calder, lights and textures reflexes and architectural details, highlight the everyday.