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Balsam pear

Balsam pear, Momordica balsamina, fruit and seeds

Gopher apple (Licania michauxii)

Gopher apple (Licania michauxii) fruit

Green Tomatoes

heirloom green tomatoes ripening on the vine

Man walking along a fence while picking tamarind

I just happened to be driving by when I noticed a pair of boots on the edge of this fence. No head was initially in sight. The red bag hanging at the side of the fence confirmed the activity though, he was trying to pick tamarind from the higher branches and was using the fence […]


When working on a book later to be published as BACK ROADS OF THE SOUTH, I came along this roadside farmer selling his fruit. His daughter was so proud of her daddy’s apples. So I told he I would take a photo of her with his apples. I then asked her to lift up her […]


One of the serious delights of environmental work is being out in the field when the blackberries are ripe. You have to respect the thorns, but those plump juicy berries are a great pick me up on a hot afternoon. TrudieBell License this image Contact