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Miss America

Buy this picture Unlimited Air Racer “Miss America” sits on the tarmac during the 2011 Reno National championship Air Races at Stead Field in Nevada. Rick Pisio Website – Blog – Galleries – Portfolio Contact

Hawker Sea Fury Post Race Recovery

Buy this picture A pair of Hawker Sea Furys are recovered after an Unlimited Class heat race at the 2013 National Championship heat races. Rick Pisio Website – Blog – Galleries – Portfolio Contact

Unlimited Air Racer “Rare Bear” in flight

Buy this picture Stewart Dawson gets the Unlimited Air Racer “Rare Bear” down low in the Valley of Speed during the 2013 Unlimited Gold Championship Race. Rare Bear is a highly modified F8F Bearcat that since 1988 has held the 3km speed record for a piston powered aircraft at 528.33 MPH. Rick Pisio Website – […]

Over 40,000 Transported

Buy this picture California Shock Trauma Air Rescue (CALSTAR)BO-105LS-A3 helicopter built by MBB departs Nevada County Airport. CALSTAR is a non-profit air ambulance service Rick Pisio Website – Blog – Galleries – Portfolio Contact

Rhinoceros Hornbill Flying

Buy this picture Rhinoceros Hornbill ( Buceros Rhinoceros ) in flight over the Kinabatang river in Borneo. These birds are one of the largest hornbills. They can grow up to a size of 90 – 120cm and weight about 2 – 4kg. Their habitat range spreads over Borneo, Java, Sumatra, Malay Peninsula, Singapore and southern […]