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Short film about the life in a Swedish summer meadow

Short film over animals living in a flowering summer meadow: Insects and birds feeding on the plants and a roe deer doe nursing her two fawns.

Pronghorn Wildlife Photography

Profile description of wildlife and nature photographers Barbara Magnuson and Larry Kimball based in Colorado USA

Insect Bar

Insects eating wilted rose of sharon petals

In Hot Pursuit

Buy this picture “In Hot Pursuit” was a fun but challenging shot to make. I had observed the interesting behavior before, but had not been set up for it. The physical aspect demanded that I move about, tracking the two subjects as they performed their mating dance. To get at their level I had to […]

Gnat resting on grass stalks in front of a gurgling brook.

Close up of a midge resting on blades of grass.

Honey bee gathering pollen

Photography of a honey bee gathering pollen from apple blossoms in spring.

Pitcher Plant, Sarracenia purpurea

Pitcher Plant, Sarracenia purpurea, is a carnivorous plant that grows in nutrient poor soils in the SE United States. The pitcher collects rain and insects. The downward pointing hairs and slick sides on the pitchers keep trapped insects from escaping. The plant absorbs nutrients from the decomposing bodies of the drowned insects. TrudieBell Website […]