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A Girl From New York

Somehow, we can look at this orthochromatic piece by Jan Keteleer, and we can easily imagine the girl in this piece being a longtime New Yorker. In fact, it seems probable that she has lived there all her life. Why do we suspect such things? There is something to said for the way she stands […]

Old-timer Plymouth at a gasstation

This image depicting an old-time Plymouth at a rural gas station brings to mind warm memories of warm summer nights. It brings to mind the music of Bruce Springsteen. It creates a powerful connection between ourselves and our memories. At the same time, the scene is simply an engaging one. It is a beautiful car […]

Make America Great Again

MAGA is the hollow refrain of people who do not understand the dire situation we find ourselves in. As we continue to obsess and dedicate our money and attention to the military industrial complex, climate change wreaks havoc across the globe. Suffice to say that if we don’t do something about this situation soon, the […]

Veterans Day Parade – Photos

Veterans Day Parade 2012 on fift avenue in New York

PSY Gangnam Style

South Korean singer Psy, whose real name is Park Jae-sang, visits UNHQ in New York

Hispanidad Parade 2012

New York Hispanidad Parade 2012

South Sudan Ambassador

Ambassador Francis Mading Deng of South Sudan

Tibet Protest

Tibet protest in front of the UNHQ in NYC

New York Brazilian Day 2012

2012 Brazilian Day Festival in New York

heidger marx photography

Heidger is a New York City-based freelance photographer with a focus on night, nature and travel photography. Images for sale. Available for worldwide bookings.

Photographing Ox Bow Bend in fall

This image is Ox Bow Bend in the Grand Tetons National Park in Wyoming. Mount Moran is in the distance and the Snake River winds around the mountains reflecting the mountains and the trees. The aspens are bright yellow and the colors are quite vivid. This scene is photographed millions of times by tourists and […]

Old Rusted truck

I happened upon this old rusted truck outside an abandoned saw mill in the rural mountains of West Virginia. Bull dozers, old steam engines and World War II military trucks and the crumbling building told the story of a hardscrabble business of days gone by. The lighting was very difficult because it was a cloudy […]

Red Barn in West Virginia with model of man on ladder

Doesn’t this just make you want to take an autumn photographic trip to West Virginia?  This scene is outside Sharp’s Country store in Slatyfork, West Virginia. The bright colors of the fall leaves make a nice backdrop don’t you think, especially juxtaposed against the bright blue sky and red barn? I used a 24-70 lens at […]

Black Bear in the Woods in NC

This beautiful Black Bear showed up in the woods behind my house one rainy Saturday morning. I live in the North Carolina Mountains near the Blue Ridge Parkway. He is standing about 30 feet from my house. Sandra Calderbank Website License this image Contact

The Launch

Shooting stories on skydivers and not getting the same old shots from a helmet camera can be challenging. Photojournalist Kevin Vandivier always is looking for new creative ways to shoot heavily photographed subjects. In this case, he could not remember ever seeing a shot of a skydiver launching from the wing of a biplane. So […]

Glacier National Park

Waterfall near Saint Mary’s Lake Glacier National Park BobBarbour Website License this image Contact