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Female Hooded Merganser taking off in flight

Female Hooded Merganser taking off in flight from wetlands water, water droplets visible around feet and tail. Duck is surrounded by reeds.

Least Bittern

Close view of a Least Bittern taking off in flight in the rain

Surprise Flight

A Juvenile Black-Crowned Night Heron taking off in flight from edge of marsh with water dripping from feet

Limpkin Feeding Chicks

Two Images of Adult Limpkins feeding apple snail to downy chicks

Fishing on a Cloudy day

A Belted Kingfisher coming out of the water with a fish in it’s beak on a cloudy day

Crested Caracara

A Crested Caracara in flight against a blue sky in two poses of flight, soaring and with wings in downstroke

What am I going to do with this fish?

Great Blue Heron with a very large fish impaled on it’s beak

Black Crowned Night Heron

A Black Crowned Night Heron in flight over water at dusk

Sandhill Crane Parenting

A pair of Sandhill Cranes walking with their Chick, covered in down feathers.

Belted Kingfisher in flight

Bleted Kingfisher in flight with wings in downstroke

This turtle isn”t going to make it!

Image of a Great Egret feeding on a Turtle with the turtle mid air

Male Hooded Merganser

Displaying behavior of the Male Hooded Merganser

Least Bittern taking off in flight

Least Bitterns are incredibly difficult to catch in flight.  This was taken in April of 2011 at the Viera Wetlands in Florida which has become one of my favorite places to photograph birds.  I wrote an article about the Viera Wetlands that was recently published in   Nature Photographer Magazine  in their new App version of […]