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The poetic photographic underlies

The poetics of Ordi Calder includes surrealism and psychedelia as lenses in his eyes aesthetically built on the projections of geometric shapes urban

Chaordicolor of Ordi Calder Selected for International exhibition “Color Story” in the Darkroom Gallery!!

Work Selected for International Exhibition “Color Story” in the Darkroom Gallery, USA. This is the second collective exhibition of a Ordi Calder’s in 2013!

Vines on Wall Create Fractal Patterns

vine climbing a wall creates fractal patterns and increasingly dense coverage of the wall

Another work of Ordi Calder selected for exhibition in Los Angeles

Work selected in the 1650 Gallery, Los Angeles, in the exhibition “It’s a Sign: the medium is the message” and made ​​in Cuiabá, Mato Grosso, Brazil. The time s

Love in some strange places

Image for sale of vibrant graffiti on a concrete wall. Simple composition and message of One Love. Vibrant red color sprayed on old distressed surface.

Window and vines

Image for sale of a old wooden window with metal hook. Old trinkets can be seen in the window and the outside wall is covered with weeds reaching for the window

Lines, angles and geometry on a wall

Black and white abstract image of the side of a wall highlighting lines, angles, texture and shape. Fine art print for sale.

Secret Garden on the other side of the wall

Image for sale or licensing of a vibrant green garden seen glimpsed through an opening in a cracked textured gray wall. Simple composition. Secret garden.

Vibrant pink window on a bright green wall at Cane Garden Bay British Virgin Islands.

Image of a vibrant brightly colored pink window on a green wooden wall by Anya Brewley Schultheiss. Tropical island style and colors of the Virgin Islands.