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Horse stampede in the sea

A glorious, breathtaking stampede of horses in the sea! This is a perfect scene for not only those who like horses, but for those who appreciate the incredible energy and power of animals. A single animal can prove to be powerful enough. Bring together the energy of several examples of the same animal, and you […]

Spring Feast

honeybee on a cherry blossom

Low Flying Hot Air Balloon

A low flying balloon glides past to adventure.

Cypress in Fall Finery

reflection of cypress in fall colors

Leaving the Garden

Recent horizontal color photograph of a sunflower found in a local garden. Photography by Steven Edson fine art photographer Boston MA,

Rowing over lake Ladtjojaure

Photograph of a solitary rowing boat in front of towering mountains in Swedish Lapland.

Yellow Iris

yellow iris in bloom

Bird of Paradise

bird of paradise flower

Phalenopsis Bloom

orchids provide long lasting color

Bromiliad Blossoms

bromilliad blossom

Dancing autumn leaves

Photograph of yellow maple leaves dancing in the autumn wind.

Yellow Azalea

Wild yellow azalea in bloom

Bees in paradise

honey been in a bird of paradise flower

Beauty in a Series

bird of paradise flower, Strelitzia, sp.

New York Brazilian Day 2012

2012 Brazilian Day Festival in New York

The Way Sod Should Be Carried

enclosed sod truck

Swedish summer night

Photography of a summer meadow basking in the red light of a summer night in northern Sweden.

Going at a different pace

Travel photography featuring a village at the Swedish High Coast.

Checking out the Urban Scene

A great blue heron checks out the urban scene.

Common, but not Commonly Seen

Tuliptree bloosom, Liriodendron tulipifera, is tulip shaped in green, orange and yellow.

Singing for a Lady

This red-winged blackbird is singing to attract a female. With each call, he fluffs his feathers and spreads his tail feathers to be as large and beautiful as possible. The lovely thing about doing a wildlife survey is that you sit very still in one spot for a long time, so that you can take […]

Sweater and zipper

Image of a purple sweater and yellow undershirt with an open zipper. Careful consideration was given to the choice of color and the composition. Anya Brewley  Schultheiss Website License this image Contact

Yellow and black wasp up close

Image of a yellow and black wasp from behind as it forages nectar from a flower. Very shallow depth of field with the focus on the rear and wings. Slight texture applied to image. Vibrant colors Anya Brewley  Schultheiss Website License this image Contact

Smoke in multiple colors

Image of multiple streams of vibrant colored smoke This started out as an experiment in colored flash gels. Each smoke stream was taken individually with a different colored gel that I hand made from colored transparent project report covers. I then merged the four images together to create the final shot. Anya Brewley  Schultheiss Website […]