10 years promoting artists

Started in 2011 this website’s goal is to provide a selection of artists who can deliver the highest quality, a free one-way back link to their site and an affordable, but very effective, marketing tool.

Each selected artist can submit multiple articles about their work and themselves with links to their main site. So a high related one-way back link is created. The more links a site has, the higher page rank it will have in search engines like Google and Bing.

To submit articles  about yourself as a photographer you have to realize that this website invites artists only after looking at their work on their website in order to verify the quality they can deliver.

What do you do with an article about an artist?

First, I will schedule it to be published on this site. When it is published, it will be automatically published on several social pages. There is no work at all involved with this. I will expand the list of social pages and republish your article regularly to reach the biggest audience possible.

I also constantly search Facebook, Pinterest and other websites to find groups of people who are in your niche market, in order to publish the articles there too. So when your article is published, it is not only viewable on this site, but it goes around the world. Because I can automate this, I can do it for free. (note: when I use the word automate it always follows the rules of Google, so never ever I will spam an article)

Note: You are more than welcome to give me ideas of social pages that you think are interesting.

What will be the benefit?

Your own credibility will be improved. As this site boasts a selection of the best artists, it gets more credibility, which means that your work will too. This website is to create a distance between good enough and professional artists.

For everyone this will be different. It is best to consult for example  SEOmoz and / or Hubspot .  These are free tools and give you an immediate understanding of how your site ranks in marketing (This is something that Photo Shelter also recommends to do in addition to their own website grader which only covers the essential basics).

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