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This website's goal is to promote a skilled professional photographer; you.

I do this by promoting your work. Promoting can be done in several ways, both off- and online. However, in today's market, online is the most effective manner of promotion.

You probably have a website at Photoshelter, Imagekind, Redbubble, Fine art America, or another similar site, and make use of their tools to sell your pictures. However, your pictures are hidden in galleries, and sometimes these galleries are put in collections. All these of things are also sitting on the internet amongst millions of other pictures. A potential customer simply cannot find you easily. So he goes to an agency where he is always confronted by the same kind of pictures and really does not know who the photographer is behind the picture. When a customer wants something different or more exclusive he wants to contact the photographer to give him/her an assignment. However, it can be difficult to find a photographer, and that is what I will do with this website; make you findable. You can do a lot yourself by investing time in setting up a blog and being present on several social pages sch as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and so on, and can also learn everything you need to about SEO techniques with a lot of trial and error. After all this work, you may very well have more visitors on your website, but do you have more customers? A day consists of 24 hours. You are probably not a computer expert, and so everything you do will potentially be more time-consuming than necessary. What I can do for you is to explain those marketing techniques here on this website, and you can do them yourselves or you can decide to allow a professional marketing company, which can be very expensive, to do them on your behalf. However, the goal of this site is to buy those kinds of services in a group, meaning that you pay only a fraction of the normal price.

So below you can find the list of SEO techniques that are necessary in order to have a successful business. All of these techniques can be done for you by several SEO companies in an all-in-one package. You can use this website to publish your profile, articles, pictures, galleries and collections all free of any charges. The window to your website that you can create in this manner is very good. Of course, it is also somewhat limited because the links you create are from one domain only and from the social pages that this website is connected with. The benefit you will have is certainly a slight increase of visitors. However, when your goal is an extreme increase of high related visitors to your site over time, it is best to work with professionals. An affordable way to implement SEO techniques is to subscribe for the all-in-one deal for a selection of photographers.

SEO techniques offered as one package.

The list will expand as this site as well as the selection of professional photographers grows.

Please remember that there are a lot of so-called SEO companies which are offering their services at a fraction of the normal price. When it is too beautiful to be true, usually it is not true

This website only allows a small selection of professional photographers with impeccable skills to show their work. These are photographers of different niches, however all have outstanding quality. This website is not an agency. It is a group of individuals. All potential customers deal directly with you, the photographer, not with me. You retain all rights for your pictures. My only right is that I have the permission to present the picture with a link to your site. I hope that this is clear. I do not ask for any commission on your sales. The whole site is totally free of all charges. However, when you take advantage of the deals I made with marketing companies, you pay a part of the total price because we buy it as a group, and I take 20% of the fee you pay for the work I do on your behalf. A subscription, which is optional, to make use of the tools provided by the marketing companies costs $30, I take $6 as a fee and $24 goes to the marketing companies.

With $30 a month you cannot buy these tools as an individual at the market place. However when we buy in a group, for example with 600 photographers, we have a budget of $18.000/month. With this kind of budget you have many more options available. I love photography, so you can use everything, which is semi-automated for free. However, when you want me to work for you, I ask for a fee to cover my costs and an affordable share to pay the SEO companies I work with. Please note, I don't do the SEO for you, professional SEO companies do it. My part of the work is only coordinating everything and searching for a good quality SEO for you. Your part is to make exceptional pictures and put them somewhere that somebody can see them and can buy them.

The SEO companies make them findable.

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