What to expect from the Basic Plan.

The basic plan gives every time the photographers writes an article two back links from this high related website to their website for free.

The blog, Photographersselection is the basis of  the two plans the individual photographer can choose from. The more visitors the blog has, the more credibility the members will have, read the more value each back link to your website has. That is a fact in SEO techniques. Most blogs have 400 to 800 visitors a month because they update their blog two maybe six times a month. Our blog is updated 4 to 10 times a day resulting in more than 30,000 visitors in April and still increasing.

When we examine Google Analytics, we can only conclude that a lot of visitors use the search button and are directed from Google, Bing, Yahoo to our blog with search strings about pictures, photos, images. They are searching pictures, our product at a blog wich only allows a small group of professional photographers with impeccable skills to show their work. These are photographers of different niches; however, all have outstanding quality. It is a group of very talented individuals making pictures that sets them apart from amateurs.

Every member's website gets more credibility.

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